Establish Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent

Italy is an absolutely beautiful country full of history and culture. For many, the prospect of being able to travel, live or work abroad in Europe seems out of reach but in reality, it might not be. Many Italian descendants living outside of Italy have unknowingly qualified for Italian citizenship by descent from birth without the need to renounce any current citizenship.

To establish citizenship, Jure Sanguinis applicants need to provide the documents required by Italian citizenship law to prove eligibility. Non-Italian spouses can also apply for Italian citizenship through marriage after their Italian partner is formally recognized. Italian descendents who find themselves unable to obtain citizenship by descent can also become Italian by establishing a residence and naturalizing.

Our team at can help applicants complete the process and obtain their Italian dual citizenship. To start, fill out our free online Italian citizenship eligibility form and our team will reach out to set up a time to speak about the services we can offer. 

Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

The benefits of Italian citizenship have been one of the driving factors for the increase in demand. Once citizenship is recognized, future generations will have the same ability to pass down Italian citizenship to their children. Italian citizens enjoy the ability to live, work, study, and buy property unrestricted throughout Italy, but they also retain this right throughout the EU. Having an EU passport is the ideal solution for those who want to live abroad or retire in Europe.  In 2024, the Italian passport was ranked the #1 strongest passport for global travel with visa-free entry into 194 countries worldwide.

Our team at Italian Dual Citizenship includes lawyers and genealogists who specialize in Italian research and Italian citizenship laws. As the original Italian Dual Citizenship specialist, clients can be assured they are working with the best team in the industry.

How to Apply for Italian Citizenship by Descent

While appearing intimidating, the process for Italian Citizenship is as simple as Uno, Due, Tre!

The Difference

When clients arrive at, a sense of relief is felt. While management has changed over the years, remains focused on our original recipe for success by putting the client’s needs and concerns at the forefront. 

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