Dual Citizenship
Italian Citizenship Requirements

Information and Documents Required for Italian Citizenship
for People of Italian Descent


All certificates must be new “CERTIFIED COPY” a.k.a. “LONG FORM” or “FULL FORM” OR “BOOK COPY” (not “abstract”). These certificates must be obtained from the Office of Vital Statistics of the County or from the State Vital Statistics Office in which the birth/marriage/death took place. Certificates reporting only the “County” of birth will not be accepted. You must request that the Vital Statistics Authority state the CITY OF BIRTH.

If you are married, you must also submit your marriage certificate (license and certificate, in certified copy and legalized with the “Apostille” of the Secretary of State) along with a copy of your spouse’s birth certificate.

If you have children under the legal age (under 18) you must also submit certified copy of their birth certificate/s, legalized with the Apostille of the Secretary of State


Check all documents word by word to make sure that there are no discrepancies or changes in the names, last names, dates and places of birth. All documents issued outside Italy must bear the name or family name of the interested parties exactly as issued on the original Italian birth certificate; eg. (Brambilla and not Brimbilla)

All variation or errors must be corrected with an official “affidavit to amend a record” to be requested from the Vital Statistics Office that issued the document or with another appropriate official document.

Please have a list of all the discrepancies that you found in the documents. This is required for the Citizenship Office to expedite your request.

When all the required documents have been translated into Italian, you can either mail them to the Italian Consulate or deliver them in person..

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