Dual Citizenship

Our Staff


was born in Italy and raised by Italian/English speaking parents. When she was young the family moved to the United States. After 7 years of living in the U.S she moved back to Italy where she completed her education.

Giovanna provides a Counseling Service to assist her clients until they have their Italian passports

She also provides the necessary Naturalization Documentsrequired by the Italian Government to prove the client is qualified for Italian Dual Citizenship. (Italian Citizenship by descent).


is an Italian citizen who is the head of the IDC Office in Rome. She provides translations of English language documents, including Certificates of Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce Decrees into Italian as required by the Italian Government for Italian dual citizenship.

She also provides official Italian Birth, Marriage & Death certificates from the Italian Municipalities through out all of Italy for Italian Dual citizenship. (Italian Citizenship by descent).